The best thing which caught up everyone's eyes in CES 2022 event

 This year January we have the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as we already know. In the previous post, I have given the total details about CES. As I have posted the last post totally on NVIDIA and Hyundai. And some other things which have caught my eye in the show. It is a consumer electronics show which has many elements which attract everyone. Below things are the some best for me from the CES event.

Bed from the future:

The bed is the place where all sleep, I think so we have seen a lot of bed in our life which ranges almost more than 1 lakh. But the bed which was exhibited in the CES show has caught my eyes. The bed has been intentionally designed to overcome the sleeping problem. The bed is named Sleep Number 360 smart bed.

The bed is designed with a special lighting system and also it has Bluetooth for the audio sources. There is a table for the storage space of the things, and also another space with the charging cabinet which is used for the charging of the devices. The bed has reading lights whose colours can be changed according to our mood; the bed has a special mobility system that moves you around h bed wherever you want to move on your bed itself. This is option is specially used for old age people.

The bed has the back life for the easy reading mode or else for watching of the tv and eating. The main thing is here the bed provides the chart of your sleep quality on the bed and also provides you with the necessary improvements that need to be done for better sleep. There is a special thing in the bed is that is the foot warmer feature, which helps you from your spouse who uses the cold feet method to wakeup you, the thing is so funny, but it will be irritating for the person who wants to irritate you.

Computer case:

We have seen phones cases, iPad, tab and even also laptops, now in the CES 2022, we have the computer case which is built by a Cyber power company. They have released kinetic series computer cases; the case automatically opens and closes when needed. The case was exhibited in white colour. The case looks like it has been made up of diamonds it is so classy and simply superb.    

Alienware Ryzen edition:

Most gaming things are PC’s, but nowadays the laptops are designed for gaming purposes but also, but those laptops are not able to sustain heavy gaming things. This year at the CES event DELL and AMD combinedly designed the Alienware m17 R5 which was designed with the best balance technology unique design and best performance from a laptop we get.

Alienware claims that the m17 R5 is the most powerful laptop we get in the market. The laptop is not only with an awesome look, but it truly can handle heavy gaming usage. The laptop comes with a 17-inch display. The laptop has a 4K resolution with a 120Hz screen refresh.  


I think so most of have seen the camera which will be present at the doors of most of the 5star hotels, which is for the recognition for the person who is present outside the door, and we even can talk with that person. This teleportation idea has also arrived from those things.

It is designed in both sizes which are of a desktop size and human-sized booth, apart from the human-sized one the desktop-sized has the most advanced features and has the capability for the 3D experience for the user. According to my opinion, it is used for alone pets who will stay at home. Owners just can easily communicate with them from their workplace.

Robotic vacuum:

Most of the people have used vacuum machines which just clean the dust from the floors and make the ground clear, but we even need to mop the floor after the vacuum work too for most of the Indian homes. Here is the solution for that thing.

The robotic vacuum is here, which not only cleans the floor after the cleaning work it just mops the floor which makes the home cleaner. This robotic vacuum will be help full for people now to have pets and messy floors.  

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