My Favourite Ideas of the two legendary companies Hyundai, NVIDIA in global CES Event 2022

 Consumer electronics show (CES) 2022 which has taken place in Las Vegas from 5th January to 7th January, is the first offline CES event that has been held after the pandemic. The CES event has returned to the hometown which has welcomed 40,000 attendees including 1,800 global media. The event has 11 indoor and outdoor venues which have been held the event.

Some famous companies which are part of the CES 2022 event are Blackberry, BOSCH, BMW, Canon, Hyundai, Intel, LG, NVIDIA, Panasonic, Samsung, Oracle, Sony, Toshiba, and many other companies were part of the CES 2022 event.

Hyundai unveils their vision:

Hyundai has used the opportunity in a good manner and exhibited its ideas. They have exhibited their robotics ideas and shown their robotics fundaments and how it changes future lives.

Hyundai is ahead to bring robotics technology into the era of human life. Hyundai is going to take humans beyond the limitation which we have seen in our lives.

Marc Raibert founder and chairman of Boston dynamics, Hyundai and Boston are the matches that have made in heaven. Boston companies make the cote which is just not a machine. The trusted companions are together making life safer, productive, and making human life with more quality.

Boston has made a robot that helps humans to protect their bodies which enhance their strength. They are making the next generation robot which has more specifications than before it has.

Hyundai’s robotics vision is going beyond our imagination, they had linked with the Boston dynamics robotics technology company and trying to reach the places where humans are not able to reach it, such as deep oceans, natural disasters, fire accidents and what, not they are more places where humans cannot go to explore. The Boston dynamics company also wanted to explore the plants in the world and it has taken step towards it and worked with NASA to achieve their dream in future.

Hyundai has released their latest innovation which they are saying it as the universal tool which can change the world. They have designed the tool called Plug & drive module (PnD) which will be the only solution as per the Hyundai company. The tool has an intelligent steering and braking system, in-wheel electric device. The wheel has infinite rotation, the wheel module is a flexible one that has the best interaction with the surrounding environment using LiDAR and camera sensors. This may be how we use our wheels in the future life. Mr Hyun stated that in the future we won’t move around the things but the things itself move around us.

The innovation can create spaces and desks and also, we can connect the places to create a new space for our workplace. The Hyundai companies’ ultimate goal is to create the unlimited mobility of things (MoT). The MoT will become the future mobility ecosystem that is mainly based on robotics technology.

The president of the TaaS which is the division of the Hyundai motor group introduced a new concept called metamobilty, which means metaverse linking with the mobility system making the mobility system more premium to the users. They aim to make people move without any physical limitations in time and space around the world.

They are also trying to make the mobility virtually too; they are trying to make the moving from place to place as simple as possible. They stated that mobility is the thing that connects the people with the virtual universe as smart access platform.


Another of my most interesting company at the CES event is NVIDIA. They have recently come up with the omniverse concept, which was an amazing one, which going to change the world living perception. NVIDIA is part of the CES 2022event.

Not only the omniverse was the interesting thing, but they have also exhibited the concept called driving the future with AI was an interesting one. They are developing an autonomous vehicle which is entirely new in architecture and software used in the vehicles. They have made these things on the DRIVE Hyperion platform. NVIDIA has developed an NVIDIA DRIVE Orin system for their software-defined vehicles which are built for the continuous upgrade as the software gets upgraded.

They have designed the latest platform which has 12- art surrounded cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 3-interior cameras, and one front-facing lidar. The built-in system is so advanced that if any one of the systems fails, they are multiple backups present which ensures the vehicle can drive safely to the destination.

NVIDIA is concentrating on the highest levels of the safety and security of the vehicles. Valeo smart mobility company CEO stated that they are more excited to work with the NVIDIA company as their innovative ideas are making them more interesting.

Now the automobile industry around the world is ruled by EV vehicles, electric vehicles are not only environmentally friendly, but they also provide the best driving experience for the consumers. They will be a huge hike in EV vehicles sale in the coming decades.

As we know NVIDIA going to highlight the Omniverse, the same thing that happen in the CES 2022, the Omniverse was an interesting part of the event as it was new for the whole world. To know more about the Omniverse click here. Omniverse

Also, NVIDIA is in the market with a bunch of games, which are Dying light 2, Escape from Trakov, Rainbow six Extraction and some other games.

NVIDIA is coming with the GeForce RTX 3080Ti 4th Gen Max-Q laptops. According to the company, the performance of the laptops was amazing. They have started that the laptops going to be 70% faster than the previous-gen laptops. This will be the tuff competition for the new Apple MacBook laptops. As we know now in the present market their no other laptops which can beat the speed of the Apple MacBook 2022.

New Graphics cards will be released by NVIDIA on 27th January 2022, the graphics card is GeForce RTX 3050 with 2nd gen ray tracing, DLSS, and more.


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