Let's know what is behind the air tag tracking system

 Apple is one of the companies which brings news things to the world. As we know first fingerprint sensor phone was made up of apple which has been designed by Tim cook. And also, so many other new things were invented by apple. We can also see the apple air Pod 2 which has active noise cancellation which is most efficient.

As we know now in 2019 apple has introduced a tracking device named an air tag. Before this, we only know about the GPS tracking system and phone tracking systems. Know that Apple brought the new tracking device which can be used as the key chain for any keys.

The apple air tag is a simple and efficient product to track any of your things. Just you need to do a few steps to connect the device to your phone. we need to connect the air tag with your phone or else account, and you can attach it to the key we need, to track the key we can use the find my app.

And also, it has a special option for locating the lost device, we can set the device in lost mode from our phone which notifies and display emergency messages which have your contact information on the apple phone which has come near to it. this feature helps when you have lost the object and you don’t know the place where you have lost it.

Working principle of the air tag:

Air tag tracking system is the easiest one because they always connect to your iPhone, and we can find real-time information every minute. And the most secure part is the thing is that they don’t share the user locations. So, you don’t need to off the location. Air tag doesn’t come with an inbuilt GPS, they have kept a U1 chip in place of the GPS chip. This is an innovative chip with ultra-wideband capabilities which creates all apple 1.65 billion devices able to track every air tag. This means the tracker limit the Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity for efficient tracking.

Finding the air tags is a simple thing, just you need to open the find my app in your apple device to immediate track the air tag which has been already set up in your phone. if you are at the closest part and also not able to locate the air tag the don’t worry, you have the option to play sound on the air tag you need. Also, we have the option to name each air tag we use.

If you are using the drive iPhone 11 and earlier versions your tracking process gets most easy. These phones have the precision finding which gives you the exact details and also guides you to the air tag through your screen.

Even if you were not able to find the device then you can play sound on the air tag which makes it easy to find, even then if you are not able to find the air tag then just switch on the lost mode from your apple device. The lost mode creates a custom message of the contact information of the owner. The apple device which came too near to the air tag displays the owner contact information on their phone which makes it easy to get the lost objects or else keys. And the most special feature is that the last mode can be found by the android users to, the android phones which have the NFC able to get the air tags which are in lost mode.

How to connect air tag:

when you take out the air tag from the box, we can see a piece of paper that has been placed to prevent the tracker’s battery from connecting. Gently remove the thing which has been inserted to connect the battery of the air tag, then the tracker gets automatically gets on.

Place your iPhone near the air tag then the phone gets automatically detect the tracker. In just a few seconds you get the setup process on your screen.

You can name your tag as you need.

Register the tracker with your Apple ID.

Now the setup has been completed and [hone successfully connected.

Air tag doesn’t have the option to connect with android devices. This tracker can connect to iPhones and iPads which have the IOS14.5 o your iPhone and 14.5 iPad on your iPad. The air tag has a battery that lasts almost a year without replacement. The most useful thing is that tracker’s battery is not an apple special made one, the air tag has a battery CR2032 battery which can be purchased online. The battery can easily be removed by a simple push down on the back of the air tag’s backplate, then we can see the battery which can be replaced with the new one we have bought. 


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