The most awaited apple music voice feature is now in India, lets know how it works...

 Apple music thing is familiar for every apple user and also the android user. Apple Music is a subscription-based music app like other more familiar music apps. Apple Music is offering the highest songs than any other music apps. Apple Music app is well developed for the user which provides you with offline music when we are far away from the internet and also, we have the feature to connect with the radio station, with collaboration with SIRI one can control most of the things in the apple music apps through voice commands.

Apple Music was introduced in the year 2015, the apple music service not only allows you to stream songs that are present in I tunes but also allows you to play the music which has been downloaded on the devices.

Apple Music is free for the first three months they’re re multiple plans, the voice plan is Rs.49 per month, and the student’s pack is Rs.49 per month which has access to up to 5 devices. The individual pack is Rs.99 for only one device. The family pack is Rs.149 per month which can be accessed by 6 devices.

Even without a subscription apple music lets, you listen to music that you have downloaded on your device. We can listen to the music we have uploaded in the iCloud even without the subscription.

Apple Music can be accessed on many the devices such as
iOS devices
Apple watches, TV
Home Pod

Once you download the apple music app you need to sign up with the iCloud account into the app, the app will ask you the genres of music which you would like to listen to. The process is quite simple as we see in most of the music apps. The menu bar which is situated at bottom of the app gives you information about the section you are in apple music.

Listen now:

This section is created according to the music that you enjoy listening which was stated after signing up for the app. If you are the first time for apple music is asks you the genres and artists songs, you would like to listen to. The listen now screen loads according to the input you have provided to the app.


as we browse option is used to browse music which we wanted, but here in the apple music in the browse menu we have any numbers of songs which are based on the listening time of the other users and also most liked songs such many stuffs will be present in the browse section. You can find the daily top lists, the city most played lists and more.


This is the special feature of the apple music app which can be broadcast 24/7 which is globally broadcasted. There is another special option which allows you to play your radio station which automatically pulls the songs which you would like to listen to. These songs are selected according to the playtime of the songs.


It is a section where you can go through all of the songs which you have downloaded on the device or else uploaded in the cloud. Each time if you add a song to the playlist it is situated at the top of the playlist.


The search menu allows you to search the songs which you want to listen to, we have the option to search by lyrics too.

There was a new feature that has been updated in apple music, the feature is known as voice plan, the voice plan can be used in iOS15.2, iPadOS 15.2, watchOS 8.3, tvOS 15.2, macOS 12.1 and also software version 15.2 for the home pad and mini speakers. We can set up apple music easily in home pad mini, you just need to sign up with the same apple account which your phone has. You can play songs and tracks on both the speaker and smartphone.

You can play any type of song just using some simple voice commands and also Siri is updated to get the Indian accent easily. But there is a slight issue with the voice command of Siri. When we want to play any song without remix or else search for an old song, the command duration is going to increase then Siri is playing the wrong songs. Which is quite a small issue better to use a search bar rather than the voice command.

When the English are set to Indian English Siri is also able to take the regional languages, but it works best with the English language. We have the access to create a custom playlist and add tracks to the playlist.

Apple Music has the best Dolby atmos support for the best sound experience, the sound creates the premium music streaming experience which all music lovers and cinephile’s need it. The apple music is particularly helpful for Home Pod mini or ear pods, which gives the best experience with the apple music voice plan, this thing makes the streaming of music easy.   



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