The family friendly TAB is from Lenovo is out, Lenovo Yoga Tab 11

 The tabs are best for family entertainment, the tablets have the best speakers and 2K display. The Lenovo is ahead to bring the best family entertainer tab, Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 is released. The Tab is available in only a single configuration which is 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage also the tab is available only in one colour which is strom grey. The tab is priced at Rs.40,000.


The Lenovo Yoga tab 11 has a unique design, the tab looks like an open book. On the left side of the tab, we have the cylindrical structure. When we hold the tab in the landscape mode the cylindrical shape is on the bottom of the tab, it giver the better grip to hold the tab. The cylindrical part has speaker grills in it. We have the kickstand at the back of the tab. The kickstands help to stand the tab on the table easily.

On the right side of the tab, we have the USB Type-C port which is along with the power and volume buttons. The power button is texture to recognize easily from the volume button. The phone has dual sim access for cellular connectivity. On the top of the tab, we have the microphone and also the selfie camera. The tab has an 11-0inch display which has a uniform bezel.

On the back of the tab, half the section has the fabric material and another half is of plastic. In the fabric section, we have a single rare camera. The tab weighs around 650 grams.

Software specifications:

The tab has a big 11-inch display with a 2000X1200 pixel resolution. The display is of IPS TDDI panel with a brightness of 400 nits also the display has the Dolby vision. The tab is powered with MediaTek Helio G90T processor which is of 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. The storage can expand storage with the micro SD card.

The phone has the support of 4G LTE connectivity, Bluetooth 5.2 and wi-fi. The tab has a 7,500mAh battery. The tab is powered with a 20W charger.           

The tab runs on Android 11 with the customization of Lenovo. The t5ab has the google and Microsoft preinstalled apps along with Netflix.


The tab has run very smooth without any lag, also multitasking with the tab was very easy. The multitasking occasionally gets loaded. The tab supports face recognition. But the face recognition works often we need to type the passcode to unlock the tab every time.

The big display has the best viewing angles and brightness was best in indoor usage. We can set the colour output and the colour temperature is changed by the control panel. The speaker has Dolby audio support which has produced a good bass. The kickstand was a bit odd in looking but while using we feel the best comfort of the kickstand. We can view the tab at pouring comfortable angle at any place using the kickstand.

The tab has the best benchmark scores the AnTuTu has given 2,90,180 points. The BGMI was good while playing even in the high HD stings and also refresh rate settings, I haven’t noticed any type of lag or shutter while playing the game. After 30 minutes of gaming, the battery drop was amount 8% per cent which is good.

The tab has the 8-MP selfie camera and 8-MP rare camera. The camera wasn’t good as the cameras are of not good quality. The shits on the tab are below average, the shots are considered according to the light conditions we had.

The battery life was very good, the tab lasted almost 4 days on a single charge with a little amount of gaming. The tab takes almost more than 2 hours to get fully charged. 

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