Nvidia is ahead with virtual Earth, metaverse the game changer of our lives

 Nvidia is one of the biggest computer systems design services companies in the world, the company designs the graphics processing unit for gaming and professional usage. Nvidia is an American multinational technology company.

In the last month, there was held a big GTC conference in Nvidia which has become the most interesting topic which made all the people wonder about their idea. We all know that Facebook has changed their company name to Meta. Nvidia builds infrastructure to create a metaverse. Metaverse is nothing but creating a virtual reality space where users can have to interact with a computer-generated environment.

The CEO of Nvidia Jensen Huang mentioned a keynote in the meeting, the note was about creating a new world. They have focused on the supercomputer tasked with creating an Earth 2, which is a full 3-D metaverse simulation of Earth to predict the climate change which can occur on the Earth more accurately. The existing models for the prediction were not so accurate in predicting the climate changes which can happen on Earth.

The known depth about the climate change we need to study and understand deeply, he claims that the Earth 2 will be a weapon which can fight to slow the climate change happen on our Earth. He says that his product gives the most accurate reasons for the climate change of the Earth. And also, it provides the solution to reduce the change of climate in the least amount and also alternative methods to overcome some problems.

GTC is the biggest event held in the Nvidia company. The company uses technology in the event, every time from this event we can hear at least one surprise. This year the CEO showed his kitchen using the Omniverse tool (Omniverse means a universe that is spatiotemporally four-dimensional) not only his kitchen even the office building.

All the things you watch in the Omniverse will be real, the shadows and lighting look to be real. The virtual stage of the construction takes you to the WOW moment for some minutes.

Now coming back to the model Earth 2, the existing models that predict climate change were not very accurate, there were some limited environmental conditions, and they cannot generate the details which can predict the future climate changes and the answers to correct the problems. Most of the existing models are lacking accuracy, the models are not able to capture the clouds conditions, and also the upper atmospheric conditions. If the predictions went opposite to the things which happened, people may lose their hope in science and scientists which is not a good thing at all.

Life is so unpredictable we can’t imagine our future when we were kids, and also if we are grown adults, we can’t justify this will happen in future, life turns as it wants. But this project will help in modelling our future lives, figure out the problems faced in future. Our education, Job, relationship everything could be optimized according to our idea future. We can make our real future as we imagined in the idea one.

We have the chance to use Omniverse to create a twin of the Earth which makes accurate predictions of the climate changes, and also the suggestions need to take to overcome the future problems of the earth. By these models, we can get clear knowledge on the critical events which could cost many lives or else major changes in the climate even before the disaster occurs.

The Earth 2 has all the things which we have on our earth, need to build a fictional city, industry, and other things for the perfect predictions. By this metaverse one can create their dreamland, such as Jurassic Park, harry potter, Avengers what not, metaverse allows you to do anything with it.

As we are living on this earth, we need to populate the earth 2 and their must deaths and births.  Once the total virtual people living on the Earth 2 passes away there would be Earth 3 afterlife. The afterlife will be frozen until the researcher needs that particular person. By this project, we could model our future lives.

The CEO of Nvidia has given the best taste of the future living and predictions which we can make of our future. HP was a step ahead in this thing, HP has expected the need and created a cloud system for the virtual working space which works on Linux and windows which helps in creating the metaverse. This idea is for the people who want to develop a metaverse without any capital investment in Hardware and other sectors of the group. This offering is a yearly subscription.

Jensen Huang claims that it will take lakhs of developers to create Earth 2 with all the metaverse available in the world. HP provided a perfect path for this project and as well as for our future, even Nvidia is trying to collaborate with HP for the creation and High-performance work and easy solutions. 

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