Metaverse into the corporate world changes the standard of living, working and what not!!!


 Microsoft announced the companies Mesh offering in March of 2021. Mesh is a complete virtual world that can access many computers, digital assets which provide you with a life experience. Mesh is almost like a metaverse, mesh is a complete private Microsoft offering, the first mesh experience we can see on Microsoft and teams only.

We know about virtual reality and augmented reality and the potential impact they create in our lives. In combination with these two Microsoft is ahead with their ambitious project called Mesh for teams.

Mesh for Teams:

Which allows people to collaborate in different physical locations to join and share holographic experiences.

key features of mesh for teams:

1.  1. Holoportation:

Holoportation recreates the holographic image of you in another location, you have total control over the image where you can interact with your surroundings. The user at the other end can see you without any type of communication. We can easily communicate through facial expressions, gestures, which makes communication very easy.

2. 3-D avatars:

The 3-D image of yourself will be close to your real-life image and can be customized as you want. We can change and recreate the visual appearance. We can finely personalize every detail like hair colour

, accessories, and other personal expressions.

3. multi-device:

The cross-device compatibility is a crucial feature of Mesh, and this feature is the only one that brought more hype to the teams. Mesh for teams can be able to access reality gear, such as VR headsets and HoloLens. This can be accessed via iOS, Android, PCs.

4. Workplace Nth floor:

It is an amazing feature in Mesh for teams, any company can be able to create their work inside the mesh for teams themselves. Accenture has used mesh for teams while building an entire VR canvas called Nth floor.

Microsoft announced their 2 new metaverse apps, all the companies are using the metaverse as their future success. Mesh for teams and dynamics 365 connected space, we can do more practical and business-focused things, these apps allow users to connect in a semi-immersive environment.

These type of apps makes people feel as working in a room environment, the interaction between people is going to increase even if they are far away from us. 



Facebook has changed their company brand name to meta, but the old name remains as the face of the company logo. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the name change of the company in October 2021, the name change reflects the company growing focus on metaverse. He stated that they are going to be the metaverse first. The term meta is from the Greek word which means after.

Meta is going to bring Facebook’s apps and technologies under one tree called “Meta”. The company full focus is to bring the metaverse to real life and help people to connect through metaverse and grow their business.

For a few months, lawmakers from all over the world are questioning Facebook regarding the service which may impact the mental health of children and teens. Facebook wants to change the social media platform to social technology, they aim to bring metaverse vision an immersive virtual reality world with users who can engage with work platforms, concerts, Family, gatherings, and whatnot.

Meta concept could move the social media platform beyond 2D and move towards an immersive experience. Meta will bring up augmented and virtual reality to the user in social technology platforms.

He stated that they are going to move towards a world which going to create opportunities and new experiences. He also added that the coming thing is the future of the world where they all are going to make the future into reality.

He finally and strongly concluded that he won’t change the corporate structure of Facebook and the logo of the company. Still, Mark holds the major company shares.  

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