The Beast Apple iPhone 13 pro max review

The most awaited iPhone 13 series is out in the market. The most awaited feature in the new iPhone 13 series is the refresh rate of the phone. Also, the battery of the phone and camera sensors were increased.

The iPhone 13 mini is priced at Rs.69,900 and iPhone 13 is priced at 79,900 these both are of storage of 128GB. iPhone 13 pro is priced at rs.1,29,000 for 256GB storage version and Rs.1,49,000 for 512GB version and Rs.1,69,000 for 1TB storage. The iPhone 13 pro max is priced at Rs.1,39,000 for 256GB version and Rs.1,59,000 for 512GB version and Rs1,79,000 for 1TB version.

Built in:


The iPhone 13 pro max is similar with the iPhone 12 pro max the major changer over in the phone is the bigger camera and macro shots in the camera. The blue colour in the iPhone was not as wee seen in the ads, the colours is a mix of grey and blue. The front and back side of the phone is flattened, the frame is totally made up of stainless steel. The stainless steel has only restricted to the higher end phones such as only iPhone 13 pro and 13 pro max. the stainless steel makes the phone more slippery than before. As the 13 pro max is concerned it is more slippery because of the bigger size. Also, the back panel of the phone catches the fingerprint easily. The power button is placed on the right side of the phone as we seen in the old phones and also the volume button is placed in the left side of the phone. The mute trigger is placed above the volume button. As all expected there was no fingerprint sensor on the phone, the phone 3D face unlock system, but it won’t unlock the phone while you are wearing a mask. Most of the android phone which have the face unlock to with the fingerprint sensor unlocks the phone even if you wear mask.

All the 13 series comes with IP68 water and dust protection. Also, the company claims that the ceramic shield over the screen is more resilient to scratches.

Software specifications:

The Apple released the new version of A15 series Soc for the 13 pro max and 13 series. The phone know comes with the new A15 bionic processor. Also, the new photographic style modes are introduced in the new apple 13 pro max and 13 series too. The new Soc has the best core speed with 3.23Ghz run time. First time in the history apple has provided the power to non pro phone also. The best graphics we can enjoy not in the pro phones of apple even though it is available in all 13 series.

The iPhone 13 pro max comes with the 6.7inch OLED display panel with 1284x2778 pixels. The first apple phones which have the 120Hz refresh rate is the iPhone 13 pro series. Also, the pro max has the 1000nit brightness level. The true tone is available on the phone as it changes the brightness according to the surrounding lights. The phone has the bigger 4325mAh battery which is larger than the previous models. The company claims that the phone lasts a day easily with the best battery backup, this backup is because of the efficient Soc and display, and the software optimisation which makes the phone last more according to the battery percentage. As we know apple pro versions have the good battery backup, especially the last 20 percent of the phone battery lasts more time, but these we can’t get it in android phones. The iPhone 13 pro max comes with 27W USB-PD adapters which charges the phone so quickly. We can charge the phone almost 15W speed with apple certified MagSafe charger or speed of 7.5W with the other wireless charges.

The new iPhone series has the two e-sim support and a physical sim support. The phone is supports 5G bands. The phone is also supporting LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5. The ultra-wide band and UFC enables some specific features such as direction, air drop, and apple pay but it doesn’t support in India. The phone cokes with an IOS 15 with the box. The phone has the highlight media syncing through facetime and I message and also with the various first party apple apps. The major improvement is made in the safari design was the AI recognition of the photos for the better search of the images.


The phone has the most interesting and attractive part is that the refresh rate of the phone. The phone has the 120Hz maximum refresh rate for the display. Beyond this thing the phone has the brightest and very crisp display. The HDR videos are amazing while watching in this phone. the decrease of the notch size allows us to use more screen space, the thing is more useful when it comes to gaming. The phone has powered with the stereo speakers which produce the loudest form of sound we can have in a phone. Also, the gaming experience in the phone gets increased due to the sound of the speakers. And movies are also loved to be watched in the phone one because of the display and because of the speakers.

The new A15 bionic soc has no slouch and handling everything in the 3D games with an ease. Even with the heavy app usage the phone doesn’t strike. Also, the multiply tasking on the phone is a very easy and also phone handles it in a smooth manner.  

The iPhone 13 pro max has cored the highest score in the AnTuTu score. The AnTuTu has provided 8,42,883 for the 13-pro max. It was the major improvement we can see. iPhone 12 has only got 6,94,580 score. 

The games run with an easy in the phone with the higher graphics settings. The games like call of duty: mobile, asphalt 9. The graphic settings were set to high such as refresh rate display quality. The battery life of the phone is also far better than before when we compared the battery life.

The phone lasts 2 days easily with the normal usage. Even with a lot of streaming and games the phone lasts the phone easily lasts more than a day. On the HD video loop test the phone lasted 22 hours.

The phone hasn’t dispatched with chargers as we know, but the company claims that by using the 20w or higher chargers the phone gets 50 percent charge in just 30 min of time. Approximately the phone takes 1 hour to get fully charged.


The phone has triple rare camera and single front camera. The front camera is of 12 megapixels with an aperture of f/2.2. The main rare camera is of 12 megapixels with an aperture of f/1.5, the telephoto camera is of 12 megapixels with an aperture of f/2.8, the ultrawide camera is of 12 megapixels with an aperture of f/1.8.

Before going into the pics review, we need to talk about the camera app and the cameras of the phone. The primary 12MP camera is same as we seen in the previous models but there is larger pixel in this one. But the telephoto aperture was downgraded when we compare to the last year model. The last year model had an aperture of f/2.2 but the 13 pro max has the aperture of f/2.8. The ultrawide camera was an upgrade from the previous model. The aperture was decreased by 0.6 which makes our images better. Also, the ultrawide is no longer for the wide range of shots we can take closeups using ultrawide camera.

The night mode options get pop in the camera screen when the light is low in nature. When we switch between the cameras the app sets the brightness and all according to the light. There was the new and the most attractive and highlighted feature was the photographic styles. Which automatically edits the photo as per your wish, and also makes some corrections in the pics. We have the choice to choose between some of the options such as standard, rich contrast, vibrant, warmth, cool.


      The main camera shots don’t have a little bit of noise in the images. The telephoto camera has the 3X zoom capacity. We have three modes in the cameras such as wide angle, ultra-wide angle, telephoto. The wide-angle capture is amazing with good exposure and brightness in the images. Also, the noise in the images is very less. The details were amazingly captured in the phone with high resolution.

The iPhone 13 series has two modes in cameras such as cinematic and photographic styles. The cinematic is mostly used in the videos for filmmaking, vloggers and other.

Night Mode:

The phone has the default night mode enable setting when the light is low around the object we specify. The mode brightness up the images and capture the best details in the image. If we turn of night mode manually the saturation of the colours was getting low. Some tone changes in the images were clearly observed. Even though the zoomed night mode camera has the ability to capture the best detailed images with good sharpness in the images. Also, the dynamic range of the camera is aggressive.

Ultra-wide in night mode was working beyond my expectations. Such as the brightness in the images and exposure was perfect to get us the best details in the images. Also, the colours were accurate which was didn’t expect from any phone.

Portrait mode:

The main telephoto camera gives you the higher quality images for you every time. The subject separation by the camera is very good. The skin tone in the images were nice to look. The details in the images were good and also the camera has good dynamic range. Even though with the 3X zoom the images were remained as same as we have taken in normal zoom. There was no major difference between in the images.


The pics has good amount of warm and saturation in the selfie images. The skin tones were amazing in the selfie cameras. The exposure and the dynamic range of the images were great enough. The noise in the selfie camera was present a little bit.

Shifting to the portrait mode in the selfie camera will switch the camera quality to the 7MP mode.


The phone has the maximum capacity to record the videos at 4K resolution and 60fs with all of the four cameras present in the phone there is smart HDR option for all the cameras. The slow motion can be recorded at 1080p at 240fps. The cinematic mode shifts between the images and make the perfect blur as wee need for a film or any official purpose. We can change the main subject even while recording also which makes us to feel the film experience in the phone. also, the stabilisation in the videos is good as expected. Also, the night video shoot in the iPhone 13 pro max was amazing with its clarity and other factors.   


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