who are Taliban's? reason behind America step back


The exact meaning of Taliban’s is students, they were active from early 90’s, these Taliban’s were originated from the north Pakistan. They have the revenue from most sources such as drugs, mining, explosions, and real estate, and also some of the countries support them financially overall they earn an amount of 2 billion dollar per year. Just after coming into active in 1996 Taliban’s have capture the Afghanistan and ruled the country with their policies about 4 years. In 2000 with the help of US Taliban’s were evacuated the country, the people got freedom mainly women and children got full freedom across the country.

The emerging of the Taliban’s:

In the 90’s era the Soviet Union was the powerful country in the world with its large are of country, they were trying to capture the Afghanistan too. If they did so it would become the superpower and suppress other religion and mythologies, they only spread their communism within their country. So, the America CIA helped th3e rebel groups in the Afghanistan through the Pakistan ISI secretly, this thing was done by the America because they wanted to be the superpower in the world. The rebel groups have successfully won the war against the Soviet Union and made their country safe from the Soviet Union. After this thing the Soviet Union has been break down into countries and America become the world’s powerful nation, but the groups which were funded by the America were emerged as the “AL Qaeda” and “Taliban”. Their main aim to convert the world totally into their religion. After some years Taliban’s have captured the Afghanistan and Al Qaeda have blasted twin towers in America by hijacking the planes. This Twin tower blast was performed under Osama Bin Laden.

After that attack Osama Bin Laden was sheltered by the Taliban’s, US have requested Taliban’s to handover the Osama Bin Laden to them but they refused to do it so. So, the president of the US at that time George Bush had ordered the troop to conquer the Afghanistan for Bin Laden. The US troops landed in the Afghanistan in the year 2001 they have conquered the Afghanistan and evacuated the Taliban’s from the country. But the main aim for the Afghanistan war was Bin Laden. From the US troops were guarding the Afghanistan from Taliban’s. finally in the year 2011 Bin Laden was killed by the US troops. From this last 20 years the Afghanistan was guarded by the US but the air strikes against the Taliban’s have killed normal people in the country too. The main cities of the Afghanistan were peace, but the other towns and cities were always in high alert zone.  

Reason behind US troops comeback:

As the regular air strikes and wars were between us troops and Taliban’s in Afghanistan has caused major loss to the US army, around 5000 soldiers were died in the last 20 years and more than 3000 were handicapped and some of them were facing psychological problems because of the deaths of their soldiers. So, in the US each and every family of the army were losing their life in Afghanistan or else they were becoming handicapped. In the army a revolution started that for others why we gone a sacrifice our lives, this revolution was a bit big and heated up in the families of army. After Trump has become the president of America, Taliban’s have tried make the peace with the US. Trump has responded positively and made a peace agreement between them. The first peace agreement was done on September 22nd, 2016. The second agreement was done on 29th February 2020. According to the agreement if Taliban’s agree to the conditions which were proposed by the America, then the US troops will leave the America just with in 14 months after the agreement.

The key points in agreement:

1.       Taliban’s should not have any connections with the Al Qaeda groups.

2.       They should not support to them directly or indirectly.

3.       Need to release the Afghanistan prisoners from them.


But the activists from the Afghanistan have opposed the deal because American were thinking that stopping AL Qaeda, but Taliban’s were more dangerous than them. The freedom of the people, mainly freedom of the ladies will be taken from them. Ladies must need to cover themselves and also ladies are not allowed to public places alone, they must be with their family men. Also, coeducation system will be banned throughout out the country. They treat women as the birth giving slaves. These devasting things will be done by the Taliban’s in Afghanistan. The activist Zahra Husseini has declared that black day of the Afghanistan when the agreement was signed. Even the Afghanistan government have tried to peace negotiation with the Taliban, even at the times of negotiation Taliban’s have attacked the civilians of Afghanistan. But Taliban’s were not accepting the thing they main agenda is to surrender the government to them.

As the US troops were leaving the country the Taliban’s were fully fledged entered the and captured the total country. But the shocking thing in the 8 lakh US trained Afghanistan army haven’t minimum fight with the Taliban. The Afghanistan army has the billion-dollar armed equipment. Without any minimum fight the Afghanistan army have surrender them selves to the Taliban’s. the main reason of the surrender of the army is the propaganda of the Taliban’s in the army. They came up with the propaganda nativity, they claimed that why we need to kill ourselves. The gameplay of nativity was won and some of them were shown money to surrender them. And some of them doesn’t have any war experience and they also surrendered themselves to the Taliban’s and some were killed by the Taliban’s.

With the support of America Afghanistan had evacuated the Taliban’s from the country and from the past 20 years the US Army had given billion-dollar army equipment to the Afghanistan soldiers, now that billion-dollar equipment is under the Taliban’s. Thousands of tankers, bombs, guns, trucks and what not total equipment is under the Taliban’s. Even now if any country tries to recapture the Afghanistan there will be major bloodshed and major damages because of the equipment which are under the Taliban’s.

The biggest mistake of the Joe Bidden is that after the agreement of the US Taliban’s have stated openly that they are going to capture the Afghanistan again. The president Joe Bidden haven’t review the situation in the country and brought back the troops from the country. But most of the people in the Afghanistan and also the American civilians were stated that “This Blood is on your hands Bidden”. Trump also stated direct attack on the Joe Bidden on this issue. In this the only positive thing is that the Kabul airport is guarded by the American troops so the civilians can easily get out of the country. And after the evacuation process all the US troops had left the country.      



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