Samsung has released the next generation phone Samsung galaxy Z flip 3


The Samsung Galaxy Z flip 3 has priced lower than galaxy fold 3. The phone starts at the price of Rs.84,999 with an 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. The higher variant is of Rs.88,999 with 8GB RAM and 256 storage. There is no chance to expand the storage of the phone. In India the phone is available in only 2 colours such as cream and phantom black. But in some other the countries the phone is available in many colours.


The Samsung Galaxy Z flip 3 is similar to the older version phone and also weighs 183 grams. The outer frame of the phone has the matte finish, matte finish makes the phone look quite cool, but the phone had become quite slippery from hands due to the matte finish. The dual tone look was good and also the outer display is bigger than the previous one. The outer display measure 1,9 inch which has increased almost .7 inches.

Around the cover screen the portion is darkened with the enveloping camera module this thang has made to create the larger display panel visibility of the phone. Another half of the panel is of one colour and other panel is of other colour. The phone resembles the clamshell phones which were present in the past. At the initial stage of the usage, you need to use two hands to open the phone, I think so on the regular usage one can open it with single hand. But usage with single hand ma be difficult and also can damage the display of the phone. The hinges are lees resistant and smooth which made the phone top open easily when compared to previous model.

The glass on the phone is the corning gorilla glass victus. On the inside we get Samsung ultra-thin glass. The Samsung UTG was more durable than the previous one, this thing is claimed by the company. The phone has the 6.7inch main display which is dynamic AMOLED 2X panel with the same resolution that we get in the previous model, which Is 1080X2640. The refresh rate of the phone is good enough with 120Hz. Colours in this display are vivid and well brightened for the indoor usage. But under the sunlight the display was not too good to visible. The selfie camera is a hole punch camera which placed at the middle of the display, good thing is that they haven’t given under display camera which is lower in quality.

The phone box doesn’t have more tools in it, just the box has the USB type-C cable and sim ejecting tool. We need to use case for the phone to get the better grip and protect our outer display.

Software specifications:

The Samsung galaxy Z flip 3 is powered with the Qualcomm’s snapdragon 888 SoC processor the same processor we can see it in the previous model of the phone. The phone supports 5G bands too. The phone doesn’t support the s pen stylus, but it has the IPX68 rate for the water resistance. The most disappointing thing in the phone is about the battery of the phone with 3,300mAh. Also, the phone has the ability to charge at only the highest speed of 25w which also takes almost an hour to get fully charged.  Also, the phone charging doesn’t last for too long because of the battery capacity of the phone. This thing is the most disappointing thing in the phone for its high price and also, we haven’t able to the get the charging speed and also charging backup.

The oneUI software was updated for the Galaxy Z fold 3. Because of the update the phone has the access to use two apps at a time in a split screen mode. We can force the apps for the multi windows use even if they don’t have caees to support. Which was the good UI in the phone. The UI allows you to set the different widgets and colours of the icons on the cover screen display of the phone. By increasing the size, we can have the preview of the notifications we receive but we don’t have the access to reply to them through the outer screen. But we can send some basic in-built replies such as okay and some other stuff. The Motorola razr has the access to reply through cover screen.

The cover screen has some of the gestures, one can adjust the brightness of the outer display, and also the change the mode of ringing, by swiping right on the outer display it shows all unread notifications. And also, we have the access for the Samsung pay through the outer cover display. By swiping left you have the access for the music, whether, alarms, voice recording etc, this widget can be customized by yourself with the primary apps you need to access. Double tap on the power button gives you the access for the camera app and the cover display works as the view finder for the camera.


The performance of the Samsung Galaxy Z flip 3 was pretty good. but we find the lag on the phone only while using many windows in the background and also the split screen mode on the phone was made the phone bit slow. The phone is better than the previous model fold 3 while we kept in pocket, flip 3 doesn’t create any bulge in the pocket of the user which is the quite comfortable thing. The call quality in the phone is pretty good, also we can answer the call through the cover screen which at the same time enables the speaker and when you open the phone automatically the earpiece gets activated on the phone which will be liked by most of the users. Also, by closing the phone automatically cuts the call.

The benchmarks score for the phone given by AnTuTu is 6,87,030 points. The big games asphalt 9, BGMI, and call of duty ran very well in the phone. The stereo speakers are quite good for the gaming sound also we have the option to enable the Dolby sound on the phone. Video streaming on the phone is too good but we get the black line on the edges of the phone unless we stream the content at 21:9 ratio.

The battery backup was quite good which has lasted a day with normal usage, on the little level of streaming and gaming the phone lasted more than half a day. On the HD loop video test the phone has lasted only 10 hours. The phone is provided with 10W charger and also has the option for the wireless charging also the phone can charge the other phone through wireless mode.


The phone has only two rare camera setups, those two cameras are of 12 megapixels. The primary wide camera is of 12 megapixels with an aperture of f/1.8 and the ultrawide camera is of 12 megapixels with an aperture of f/2.2 and the angle of 123 degrees. The selfie camera is of 10 megapixels with an aperture of f/2.4.   

The Samsung galaxy z flip 3 has the ability to capture the good colour quality images. The HDR in the camera is very well which exposes the highlights in the images and as well as colours. Also, the details in the images are captured very well. The phone has the ability to zoom 10X but the quality decreases as we increase the zoom. The macro images were auto focused and also the background of the images was blurred enough.

The low light photography in the phone is pretty good, the sensor of the camera enables the night mode automatically as light decreases around the phone. But this auto shift option is not presented in ultra-wide mode, which was the disappointing thing, every time we shift to ultra-wide, we need to change it to the night mode as our requirement.

The videos in the phone are good with the perfect stabilisation of the videos at any quality, but the shots during the night-time have more noise and also lacks the stabilisation. The selfie camera has the good ability to capture the good-looking images at the perfect light conditions and also it can manage to take the amazing stills in the low light too.    


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