Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 the next generation phone


The Samsung galaxy Z Fold 3 the next generation phone with the biggest screen. The phone prices at the base variant starts at Rs.1,49,999 with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage the highest variant is priced at the Rs.1,57,999 with the same 12 GB RAM and 512GB Storage. The phone has launched in the three-colour variant in the international platform but in India we only have the phantom black option of the phone. As the phone is the costliest one if we have made the pre booking we get the Samsung care + and some other benefits.


The phone is as same as the previous model of the phone but the change we can notice at the rare camera module. Also, the phone is much slim than the previous phone and also weighs low such as 270 grams the old one weighs 282 grams. Still, we get the gap when we close the phone. The phone is made up of aluminium which is better than the previous model as the company claims. The frame and the rare module of the phone has the matte finish which make the phone more protective from the scratches. Opening of the phone need to put some more efforts as the hinge of the phone is powerful and also has the high resistivity power, also due to the matte finish the phone is more slipper.

When the phone is closed it is easy to use it, but it feels bulk. We need to use our two hands to unfold the or fold the phone. The phone has two stereo speakers on the top and also on the bottom of the phone. On the right side of the phone, we have the microphone and the sim tray. Also, we have another microphone on the bottom of the phone and also, we have the USB type-C port on the bottom of the phone.

As come to the cover screen of the phone which comes with the 6.2-inch AMOLED display with HD + resolution of the phone with 120Hz refresh rate. The cover screen gets protected with the help of corning gorilla glass Victus. The cover screen is well bright enough for the regular usage of the phone. we can use the phone easily in the bright sun. even we have the access to play games on the cover screen. Chatting through the cover screen is a bit difficult one because of the little screen but the swipe chat makes the thing easier if you are aware of the swipe chat. We have the hole punch camera on the centre of the display on the top which can be covered easily using the special wallpapers.

The main screen is of 7.6 AMOLED display with the highest resolution with the HDR1- playback and it also has the 120 Hz refresh rate. The phone has the stronger UTG glass which is claimed as the strongest glass by the Samsung company.

Their may be no occurrence of dents on the rare panel while frequently closing and opening the phone. the display is so fragile, just by poking with my finger nail the display gets a mark for some time and goes off. There is a perfect reason behind providing the Samsung s pen with the Samsung galaxy fold 3.

The special feature we can see in the Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 is under display camera which is the most surprising thing in the phone, this feature made the phone most expensive one. The idea of the Samsung to give distraction less display, as the under-screen display can’t be visible, we have no type of distraction while using the phone. Personally, I also don’t like to have the distraction of the camera while gaming or other things. The camera is completely visible only when the screen is closed.

As the apple Samsung as also not provided the charger with the box, you only get USB type-C cable and sim eject tool, we need to use our old charger for this phone. the charger suggested to use on this phone must higher than 25W to get the fastest charging experience.

Software specifications:

The Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 is powered with the top snapdragon 888 processor Soc. The phone has the ability to support 16 5G bands in India. We have two options to open the camera, the fingerprint sensor is placed on the power button of the phone. Also, the phone has the face recognition with the two visible and non-visible cameras. The phone has the 4,400mAh battery.

The phone has the IPX8 rating for the water resistance also dust proof which is better than the previous model of the phone. The phone supports Samsung S pen fold edition and also the new S pen pro. But the surprising thing is that the Galaxy note series s pens doesn’t work with this device.

The phone runs on ONE UI 3.1.1 based on the android 11. The software has the special ability to convert the apps which were working on the cover screen directly into the main screen as the app was. For converting the thing from the main display to the cover display we need to enable an option otherwise the phone shuts the app as we fold the phone.

For the multitasking in the phone, we have the option to open almost three apps in a row, the space for the apps will be created automatically by the phone. There is an option which shuffles the apps while we are in the multitasking process. Also, we have other option to open few apps on the top of these three apps. Samsung has provided to run the unsupported apps such as gaming apps on the split view display. The phone has the ability to play any game browse in Instagram and also any other app you wanted to use in the split screen view on the phone.

The inbuilt Samsung apps have the option for the multi window usage. The Samsung company has also collaborated with the Spotify, as we are using the app in the cover screen and shifted it to the main screen then the option which were placed on the cover screen will be as same as we have on the main screen of the phone. As we have the options in laptop, in the Samsung browser we have the option to drag and drop the links for the split screen view.


The Samsung galaxy Z fold 3 has the amazing display with the brightest colours, good saturation and also the videos feel very fluid. While chatting the cover screen is not so comfortable as its width is thin so most of the times, we need to use the main screen for chatting or typing any longer things on the phone. swipe down to the bottom makes the screen shrink which more comfortable to type any thing on the main display of the phone. The display is the most amazing thing in the phone. We get the gorgeous content on the phone.

Gaming experience on the phone is at next level. All the biggest games ran in a very smooth manner without any lag or shutter on the phone. Also, the big display took the gaming experience to the next level. Also, the productivity apps mainly excel works are done with an ease on this phone due to its bigger display. Some android apps have no ability to make over the large screen then get shrink and visible to us such as Instagram has no access to this big display view.

Always we need to fold the phone to answer the call to get earpiece call, or else to take the call on main screen you need to turn on the loudspeaker. The under display front camera takes the amazing stills as concerned with the light near the phone.

The battery life of the phone is too low. The battery mainly depends on the usage of the main screen time. For only limited usage of the main display the phone difficulty lasted a day on the single charge. If we use the main display for the gaming and streaming the may not last half a day. The phone last 12 hours on the HD video loop test. Also, the phone has no fast charger with it the phone takes almost an hour to get fully charged which is the quite disgusting thing in the phone. As the phone is the costliest one in the history also, we don’t get the battery life also the speed charging with it.


The phone has the new surprising under display camera which is of 4 megapixels with an aperture of f/1.8. The camera is only good for face recognition and video calls. The snaps with the under display were not good. Another main selfie camera is on 10 megapixels with an aperture of f/2.2. The phone has three rare cameras, the main camera is of 12 megapixels with an aperture of f/1.76, the telephoto camera is of 12 megapixels with an aperture of f/2.4 and the ultra-wide camera is of 12 megapixels with an aperture of f/2.2.

The rare camera performance is pretty solid thing for the phone, the camera was better than the s21 ultra. The landscapes and also the close-up images were good looking and decent as they are visible with the punchy colours. Also, the background blur option in the phone was great which attracts the only thing we need to capture through our lens. The phone has the maximum optical zoom of 10X. The telephoto camera has the ability of 2X zoom which is the quite low thing.

The main selfie camera captures the good number snaps while in the good light conditions and also at the night times the selfie camera snaps were amazing. Also, the rare main camera has the quality images in the low light with the help of night mode. But the ultra-wide shots in the night mode needs to be hold steady for few seconds to get the best shot of the landscape.

The phone has the ability to record the videos at 4k 60fps resolution with the HDR+ quality. The video stabilisation is amazing during the daytime while it comes to the night-time of the three is lack of stabilisation also the noise was more at the night shots.

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