The misuse of the constitution of India by governments

The saviour of our country Dr.B.R. Ambedkar and other higher personalities have written constitution with a certain rules and rights for the Indian citizens. These things were done about 70 years back but there is a dilemma created on the fundamental rights this thing reflects the thing of our government bodies maturity. There is a doubt that constitution has been degrading in its ethical values. All the criminals are using the loopholes of constitution an escaping, as same the government also using loopholes making the innocents imprisonment.

As our constitution has come in to act in 1950. Only the few days after the constitution came into act and senior communist leader got arrested in prevention detention act (PD act) which is used arrest the criminals before they perform any violence, at that time there is a loophole that any anyone can be arrested under PD act without any information of violence they going to commit. In 1950 the communist leader who got arrested under PD act his name is A.K. Gopal. At the time of his inquiry in supreme court the supreme court chief justice Harilal Jekisundas Kania had stated the questioned to petitioner on the right to live act. The lawyer of A.K. Gopal M.K. Nambiar have argued about the miss use of PD act and gain the success in that case. The supreme court also changed some of the acts which are under PD act, which acts were considered as the cruel one for the innocents. After that supreme passed a law under PD act in which they stated that without any information no one cannot be arrested under the PD act. These all things were changes for the freedom of the people of India.

In this 21st century our political thought process is in back ancient times:

I think so after these many years the situation must be good than the times of 1950 because we were educated well enough than in 1950. But the situation we are seeing at this time are worse than those times. So many of the tribal revolt persons were killed under the police custody, journalists were questing about the freedom of people. The state governments are using the constitution loopholes and arresting the people in false cases which may not get the bail. Even the bailable cases they are arresting the people on Friday evenings, because on the loophole that courts are closed for normal cases on Saturday and Sunday, so they can kill the people or harm them in those two days by police. It is a criminal act which is done by most of the governments India to have their personal grudge relief on the particular person.  

Amendments in PD act:

The constitution has the rule that a person should be prisoned even at the time of their case investigation, but in 1978 supreme court had given the statement and amendment that the case investigation should be done as soon as fast because keeping the person in jail without knowing that he is the culprit in that particular case. But the things are going against it. in last 2 years under the act of UAPA 4000 members they were not provided with the normal bail, those 4000 members were prisoned in the jail from the past 2 years. They were considered as terrorists without any proper investigation this is not the fair things which were done by our governments. These things need to be sorted. The government seeing their comfort and violating the constitutional rules and regulations.

Chief justice interesting statements:

The new chief justice of N.V. Ramana has stated the case which is done in 1775 in the British rule on an Indian lawyer who had question British government general, the lawyer was sentenced to death because he had questioned about the wrongs of government general. All of the lawyers were thinking about why the chief justice stated these types of critical statements. As per my consideration he was indirectly saying that the same situation is presented in some of the states in India which is violation the constitutional rights.

In the present situation on the personal grudge of the governments persons they are aligning the false cases on the persons, but the courts are judging the educational qualities of IAS’s and IPS’s. The high court insulted an DGP of a state by making him to stand in the court till evening and also made him read the act that he violated, how ashamed it is. Recently an election commissioner in a state government has questioned by the court that they can know to read English or not. He/she is an IAS officer who had studied hard about the Indian culture and political structure was questioned by court that they can read English or not, it is a big insult to the concerned officer. Most of the officer also for their personal purposes making the mistakes and being scolded by court.

Governments without proper guidance ruling the well-educated people.

Recently Narsapur MP. Raghu Rama Krishnam Raju was arrested as that he is a traitor (raj drohi) it is funniest thing, but the case is too serious because it is a non-bailable case. In high drama he was taken forcible without informing their Z-category security before the arrest. This was done on Friday was taken to the jail but as he was MP the courts were ran in online and sent him to the CID office along with his personal Z-category security.  In CID custody he was illtreated by police, he claimed that somebody beaten him, by making him blind. The court has ordered a doctor report on the beaten marks by the government hospital. The marks were considered has the psoriasis, challenging that MP has went to supreme with his lawyer, the supreme gave the judgment to make another report of medical condition by Army hospital in Hyderabad. They have reported that those marks were beaten marks. How ashamed on the government that they have illtreated an MP. Now these consequences of illiterate will be faced by the police officers who are doing their duty at the same time. How ashamed on the government part.

In the end I wanted say that our constitution should be changed before that the corrupted mind of politicians must be changed. To make our nation great again.

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