The effect of corona virus in India


The corona virus has covered the whole world caused huge losses to the governments and as well as peoples with their loss of most loved ones. Now we are hearing about the term WAVE first of all let’s know what is consider is a wave. There is not any type of textbook definition for the word wave. The rising and the declining trends of corona infection is considered as the wave. The growth curve resembles the power of the wave. In the past the wave term is used for the seasonal diseases, but all of the people were not familiar with that term called wave at that time only Doctors were more familiar with the term wave. But know due to the corona wave all of the people around the world were familiar with the term wave.

Facts on third wave:

The Indian government principal Scientific advisor K Vijay Raghavan calling the third wave as “inevitable” even though we could not predict the perfect time when the wave is going to come. The Indian government and all of the state governments were failed to give the medical treatment and oxygen supply in the time of the second wave of corona virus which caused lakhs of life within the span of one month. The scientists are claiming that the third wave could be easily avoided by strong measures such as lockdown which will control the flow of people in public areas. So far according to the Indian Research Scientists on the corona virus says that India has faced two waves of pandemic, but the Delhi has faced 4 waves of the corona pandemic as per the rise of the cases in the graph from the starting of the pandemic.

The corona effect in 2nd wave:

Know the cases in the India were came down to thousands from the peak 4.14lakhs, the graph of cases was come done in fast manner as all the sates were imposed strict lockdown, but the deaths were high for some days even the cases were decreasing to 2 lakhs, this thing represent the strength of the corona infection in India which caused lakhs of lives. Most of the political analysts and senior journalists claims that the negligence of the Indian government has caused the second wave of pandemic, I claim that the stopping of second wave is in the hands of government, but they were open the lockdown due to the financial crisis and GDP of India. Leaving this thing apart, the Indian government negligence is clearly casted many lives. Most of the analysts and journalists blame Home Minister taking the West Bengal elections as prestige and left the Indian people a side which caused most of the lives of people. The home minister should be active on the things which are going in the whole country, but he the home ministry was busy in the elections at the time of the second wave of pandemic rise. If the Indian government were alert enough by the suggestions from the senior doctors and scientists and bring the oxygen supplies and increase the oxygen production would save most of the lives of India people. All of the governments have made the politics with the oxygen. If non-BJP ruling party is ruling the state, they were sending the oxygen as low that will not meet the requirements at any cost. The Delhi needs the oxygen of 700 metric tons at the time of second wave, but the Indian Government have sent only 480tons how could it meet the requirement, what they have sent which doesn’t meet the requirements of hospitals. Madhya Pradesh the BJP ruling the state they have raised the need of 445 metric tons, but they were sent by 543 metric tons 100metric tons which they need but Delhi almost half they required. Even the allotted oxygen to the Delhi was gone missing by 100 metric tons while it was transporting from the plant of Indian government. Is the government having the minimum concern on the lives of people. The precious money 2100 crores were being spent for a thing which will not save the lives of people, and another 3000 crores were already spent on another thing which made the India high in the international platform bit that also not gone save the lives of people, only hospitals and doctors are the saviours, these words were said by the PM of India who had spent the 5000crores people fund on the things……

I think after this corona pandemic affect if they change their mind, it would be the change of our country and we can save the lives of remaining Indians. As my knowledge the India has over 2million temples which means I think so every village has a temple, But the government hospitals in our India are 25thousand do you think it would be sufficient for 130crore Indian population. Even though if we consider the private hospital, we have around 70 thousand hospitals, do you think a middle-class people can offered the private hospitals expenditure the answer will be definitely not. If in future any other pandemic would occur, if that pandemic would be stronger than covid then, what is the situation of India. We even cannot think about the thing there would deaths more than lives.

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