Insider of India regarding Covid cases and negligence of government and ministers even scientists have warned before


What is happening in India?

India has facing 2nd wave of corona pandemic which inevitable. The cases of covid are raising in India day by day. India had recorded worlds highest cases ever. Which 4 lakhs cases day spike. What's happening in India what does government is doing regarding the covid cases. As Indian scientists of India have already warned the central government regarding the dangerous second wave of corona pandemic. In India there is only 1 bed for 2000 people, just imagine for one bed 2000 people are fighting outside. How worst is the situation which had been created by over past ruling parties after the independence. At present 3million cases are around India. Oxygen tankers are running out, people are losing their live because of the oxygen shortage.

CCMB ex director stated that they already warned the central government regarding 2nd wave of the pandemic. But the government haven’t taken any precaution measures regarding the future 2nd wave of covid pandemic, this negligence leaded to this type of situation where patients are dying because lack of beds and oxygen in the hospitals, this is the situation where we can see house full board to the gates of the graveyards. Just imagine how worst the situation is. People doesn’t know before the situation will become this worst; governments know it very well, but they didn’t warn the people.

Leaving these things government had also given full permissions for election rallies with thousands and lakhs of people. And also given permission for the Asia biggest god summit Khumbamella almost 35 lakh people were gathered at place without any type of physical distance and covid rules. Just imagine 35 lakhs of people in an area of place without masks and social distance, who far the covid can spread from them. Experts are also claiming that the cases which we see today are because of election rallies, khumbamela and other social gatherings.

As the home minister of the country Mr. Amit Shah should take the precautions and prearrangements for the upcoming pandemic, but he had taken the Bengal elections as his lifetime achievements unofficially left his home ministry and worked as the canvassing leader. He canvassed in every constitution of Bengal. As a home minister of the country, at this peak of pandemic time can a home minister of India can have this much free time to take huge time for Bengal elections leaving India as side. Also, his canvassing that shown any result in Bengal elections, but his absence was seen in all over India in the face of corona pandemic and deaths.

Delhi has a daily requirement of 976 MT of oxygen, but they were able to get only 490 MT of oxygen what does home minister is doing regarding this thing. How could a state can manage with the half oxygen resources than its requirement? People are losing their lives due to lack of oxygen. But the government is concerned of Bengal attacks and elections.  As BJP mentions all the time about the Gujarat state and its development, know just look into the Gujarat state how worst the situation in Gujarat is. People are dying in the line for beds. Almost 239 covid death tributes were arrived at famous newspaper. But government is saying all the deaths are not covid ones, just for our sake 239 covid tribute were given to paper then think over it how many have died where their family didn’t ask for the tribute to the papers such as poor people middle class and other. Now You can imagine how worst situation does Gujarat is facing.

A month before heath minister Dr. Harshvardhan had grandly announced that India has huge vaccine storage, then why some states have stopped the vaccination for 18+ and some are even fearing that they may run out of vaccination stock. In the beginning of March this health minister had grandly announced that India is in the last time its covid pandemic, then why the situation had become these worst in just span of 1 month. Is health minister being aware of the corona and its new strains and how powerful the 2nd wave will spread. As a doctor how could he say these statements without taking any precaution measures. As these statements passed by health minister shows that his negligence of unpredictable covid and also it is clear that he hasn’t considered the statements of experts and WHO.

As if know situation is these worst but central government is making back step to keep complete lockdown for few days. They are claiming that there will be hunger deaths more than the covid deaths. Yeah, it is absolutely right, but all have heard about famous Bollywood actor Sonu Sood he had did miracles with his small circle. Why can’t government do these things with a plenty of officer’s other staff. He also said that he had got so many contributions for the work. There are some people how doesn’t know who to help but they have potentiality to help others why can’t government take the initiative for helping poor. If government take the initiative the reach will be huge, and it changes the lives of poor even in the times of pandemic.


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