Delhi high court questions about low oxygen supply to Delhi? what happens to India if 3rd wave is attacks the country


Delhi high court questions why there is low oxygen supply to only Delhi state?


On Thursday Delhi High court questioned central government about the less oxygen supply to Delhi state. But states like Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh are supplied with more no oxygen than required but Delhi has provided with almost half than the state require.

Delhi state government projected 700 metric tons of oxygen required for the patients who are treated in Delhi. But the central government had only provided the state with 480 metric tons of oxygen.  High court had clearly stated that Madhya Pradesh had projected a need of 445 metric tons, and they were allotted with 543 metric tons and also Maharashtra was allotted with 161 metric tons more than it require. And also stated a huge thing that allotted 490 metric tons were also not coming to Delhi they have only received 340 metric tons oxygen. He questioned where the other 100 metric tons of oxygen are going too.

Senior advocate Rahul Mehra informed the court that Delhi has 16,072 non-ICU beds in hospitals by applying formula for the need of oxygen only ono-ICU bed required almost 304 metric tons of oxygen, but the total provided it 340. And other small non-ICU bedded hospitals required another 150 metric tons of oxygen.

At present Delhi had the capacity of 4,866 ICU beds and in increase of patients they need to rise ICU beds to another 1,200. Overall, 6,000 ICU beds estimated requires 704 metric tons of oxygen. With all other additional beds at last Delhi requires 976 metric tons of oxygen.

Mehra said “Punjab need 126 MT but provided with 135 MT. Tamil Nadu needs 200 MT but provided with 220 MT. Kerala needs 89 MT but provided with 99 MT and Chhattisgarh needs 215 MT but provided with 227 MT. The only state left is Delhi.”

And also said that lets do not make this pandemic crisis for politics.

In Delhi people are dying due to lack of oxygen. Family members are running around the oxygen for their loved ones. ­­Only 44% percent of oxygen is sent from the required one. Delhi must have 976 MT of oxygen for its private and government hospitals. Delhi had got help from French embassy that they came front to provide oxygen generator to Delhi. In normal times the installation of the oxygen generator would taken months but due to crisis it had been done on the bases of war within a day. The flight with oxygen generator was arrived at the time of 6:30 and the installation was competed at 8:30 and trail run was started at 9:30. After three hours the plant started producing oxygen for the hospitals. This plant can generate oxygen equal to 48 cylinders which has capacity of 60 litres within the span of 24 hours.     

Excluding these oxygen Delhi needs more than the plant can generate. Delhi is depending on the neighbours for the oxygen supply to their patients. But central is going on providing less amount of oxygen than required. Russia had donated almost 20 large oxygen concentrators and 75 lung ventilators to Delhi. Delhi received almost 7 lakhs.


But central government claims that without transportation facility Delhi is claiming more and more oxygen. They added that other states are having proper transportation for their need, but Delhi is at crisis of Oxygen transportation. Most the vehicles were booked by major north states like Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh. They also claim that Delhi doesn’t have any proper helpline numbers for people to meet their oxygen. Most of the people are getting oxygen just by publicity, media, and other source but not by the government.

 As the oxygen crisis in India aren’t over yet but the WHO is warning all the countries there is a chance of third wave of corona which will spread very fast than 2nd wave.  It also stated that some countries have seen 4th wave of corona, but India is struggling for only 2nd wave we don’t know when the inevitable 3rd wave gone a hit the country.

Indian government stated that mostly at the end of this year all of the citizens of India are going to be vaccinated. And Indian Institute of Public health is also warning that the next wave is gone an affect most of the younger generations only. Experts says that aggressive vaccination campaigns must be done all over the India to reduce cases. India has only vaccinated 11% of the population. There is shortage of vaccination doses that must cleared all over India. Government must help the vaccination companies for the production of vaccination. And targets of the vaccination must be increased and also officers must work according to the target which has been set.

After 2nd wave India compulsorily faces the 3rd wave which will more inevitable than 2nd wave. 3rd wave timing can be predictable but the intensity of the wave and affect which will be created by the wave is unpredictable. 3rd wave will affect children more rather than adults.

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