2-DG medicine of DRDO and INMA and Dr Reddy's was approved by DCGI for emergency use for Covid patients


Defence research & development organization has came a set up forward and made an anti-covid drug which is drug 2 deoxy-D-Glucose. The drug shown fast recovery of the patients in its clinical trials. Also, it reduces the supplement oxygen for the patient. The approval has been given because the drug is working well, and corona virus has taken all the limits of our Indian medical infrastructure.

The drug reduces the hospital stay for patients and also it saves the precious lives. The drug is developed in collaboration of defence research & development organization (DRDO) and Institute of nuclear medicine and allied science and Dr Reddy’s Laboratories in Hyderabad.

DCGI granted permission of the drug for emergency use for covid-19 patients. The drug is a generic molecule and analog of glucose due to this it can be made plenty of drugs which can be available all over the country. Therapy named adjunctive must be the primary treatment with this drug. The drug comes in powder form it can take orally by dissolving it in water.

The drug prevents the virus growth by energy production in the body and stopping viral synthesis. The patient provided with this drug has shown faster cure from the virus which is symptomatic cure.

Clinical trials have shown favorable trend of recovery of patients when treated with this drug. High amount patients have tested negative with few days when treated with this drug in RT-PCR test.

This research was started at the time of first wave of covid-19. Institute of nuclear medicine and allied science and defense research & development organization with help of cellular and molecular biology center. The drug also shown its result on new strain of virus by preventing its growth.

Based on these results DCGI had approved the drug for emergency use for covid patients.

Due to the greater result shown at the phase 2 trials of the drug in the time of May to October 2020. Phase 2 was conducted on 110 patients. Their results were good then DCGI had improved for phase3 trials of drug which were done in Nov 2020, in phase 3 220 patients were treated with this drug have shown better results the patients were taken across the India such has Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

By the phase 3 results report the DCGI has approved the drug for emergency use for covid patients.  

Black Fungus:

The cases of Black fungus were found in covid patients. The first case was reported in Odisha. The patient is stable, and he is under treatment.

The health secretary claims that the fungus was not contacted from the hospital it was from the water which has been stored in the cooler of his home.

As we go deep, the patient is 71-year-old who has been in home isolation. He had tested positive on April 20. The nasal endoscopy result shown black deposits which has been reported by ENT specialist.

This Mucorales are frequently found in the environment and other decaying materials such as soil, animal excreta etc. Particularly in wet environments.

Day after the patient recognized the Delhi claimed that the rising of covid cases for black fungus cases. The person affected with black fungus will have conditions like HIV, uncontrolled diabetes, kidney failures, organ transplant, immune suppressive takes place.

Some steroids reduce this inflammation in the lungs, but they also reduce the immunity and rises the blood sugar level of the patient he may be diabetic or non-diabetic covid patient. The drop of immunity in the key factor of black fungus.

To treat this one early detection must be done and treatment also must be done as early as possible.

Health secretary stated that everyone with diabetes needs to control their sugar levels all the time. He also said he had ordered the hospitals to stop unnecessary steroids. If needed the steroids must be given under doctor’s prescription.       

Not only in India black fungus cases were reported even in some other countries such as USA, UK, France, Austria, brazil, and Mexico. But the black fungus cases are more in India when compared to those countries.

There is no major outbreak of black fungus in India as the cases were reported in Odisha, Gujarat, Maharashtra. Hospitals of Mumbai is treating almost 10 covid patients with black fungus infection. This was twice than the entire year of non-pandemic time. Some patients have their lost their lives and some other their eyesight due to high increase of sugar levels.

They are claiming that previously they used to see on only or 2 patients a year but from past weeks there were one patient with the black fungus in every week.

The symptoms of the black fungus is one nasal blockage, sinus pain, one-sided headache, swelling, toothache. This disease results blackening over the nose, blurred vision, pain in chest, difficulty in breathing, blood vomiting and rise in blood sugar level.    

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